About the Books

The Broken Land is a dark epic fantasy story set in a world coming apart at the seams. Capricious magic warps beasts into strange and dangerous monsters, and Changes people into distorted caricatures of what they used to be. Peace and prosperity are the order of the day, but the past casts a long shadow, and the wounds of the war are still fresh.

The story opens with Silf, a Changed girl living in the remote town of Branson’s Ford. Once a prosperous community, the town has fallen on hard times in recent years, and these days it’s a backwater at best. Scarred by civil war and with the flow of trade reduced to a trickle, this small agricultural community is barely limping along.

Silf’s life as the assistant at a failing inn seems to be, if not a thrilling or particularly joyous, at the very least stable. But Branson’s Ford is a town where everyone has a secret, and everyone has scars. When a shadow from the past arrives in Branson’s Ford, old wounds will be reopened, buried conflicts will spark to life, and Silf’s quiet life will never be the same.

Readers should be aware that this is not a particularly cheerful story. It includes graphic violence and some dubious ethics, and while there won’t be any graphic sex, there may be sexual themes and implications. If you’re easily offended or disturbed by this sort of thing, you might want to give The Broken Land a pass.


About Me

I’m the person that writes this story. I also wrote another story, which you can read here. It’s a bit different than this one in terms of setting and scope, but it has enough similar themes that if you like this one you might enjoy Winter’s Tale as well. I like chocolate, fancy ice cream, and foxes, and I have a peculiar and inexplicable fondness for clothing with lots of small pockets. I dislike Brussels sprouts, writing about myself in the third person, and the color orange. I currently live in Colorado with two very clumsy cats and extreme social anxiety.

Remarkably, all of the statements in the preceding paragraph are true.